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Math Sites for teachers:
Kentucky Numeracy Project
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Learning A to Z (7 day free trial then requires paid subcription)
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The following sites provide grade level passages similar to AIMSWeb that provide fluency practice.
HELPS Program
DIBELS (create an account and then download FREE Dibels 6th Edition materials)
Reading Resource

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Science Notebooks
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100 Best YouTube Videos for Science Teachers
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National Energy Education Development Project
This site provide a variety of resources for teachers. Most of the resources are free. There are kits that may be purchased. However, there are 3 kits available at the Board for you to use.
1. Science of energy- Hands-on experiments that upper elementary and intermediate students use to teach themselves and others about forms of energy and energy transformations. These come in individually marked boxes and are designed for work stations.
2.Energy Works (perfect for 4th grade)- Hands-on explorations into the things energy does—heat, light, motion, sound, growth, and powering technology
3. Monitoring and Mentoring- These activities explore energy use and conservation using the home and school as learning laboratories. This kit involves lots of measuring, graphing, averaging, etc....using interesting tools.

Social Studies
Social Studies for Kids
National Archives (teaching with pictures and documents)
InsperEd Educators
The Cornerstone for Teachers
Kids Discover
101 Sites for Social Studies Teachers
White House for Kids
Fraboom (online children's museum)
MegaMaps (print maps large or small)
Current Events - Links to various sites offering Social Studies content

Teacher Sites
SMART Exchange (SMART Notebook lessons)
SmartNotebook Lessons (K-6 lessons for all subject areas)
Interactive Reading Websites (provides a list of interactive reading websites)
The Teachers Guide (interactive reading websites for interactive whiteboards)
Sparklebox2 (printable teacher resources)
ProTeacher (teacher resource community)
The Reading and Writing Project
Pre-K (reading and math resources) (Phonics & Comprehension activities)
The Positive Engagement Project (Math and Reading resources)
E is for Explore (GREAT website for teaching ideas in ALL subject areas)
FREE Power Point Presentations (for ALL subjects)
Aunty Math (provides challenging math stories)
Reminder 101 (provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents)
TeachingChannel – houses a lot of great videos for improving classroom instruction.
Laura Candler's Teaching Resources
Better Lessons

Art Apps for the iPad