vocabulary 2.jpg"Champion teachers not only start good vocabulary instruction with a student friendly definition
that’s simple and clear, but also spend time having students practice using words widely and richly
after they know the basic meaning. They recognize that knowing a definition is a long way from being
able to use a word effectively." - Lemov, Teach Like a Champion

Vocabulary Instruction (from Teach Like a Champion, Lemov)
  1. Provide the definition and part of speech of a new vocabulary word.
  2. Provide a similar, ideally one with which students are familiar, and explain how the vocabulary word is similar but different. Have students suggest times when they might use the word in question and why.
  3. Show students a picture that portrays the vocabulary word. Explain why the picture is a representation of the word.
  4. Create a sentence, written by the class with your guidance that reflects the word’s meaning in a complete thought.
  5. List and discuss variations on the word, identifying their part of speech.
  6. Play vocabulary-reinforcing activities and games using multiple takes and compare, combine, contrast.
  7. Write a sentence independently using the word correctly and according to standards for quality vocabulary sentences.

Vocabulary Foldable Directions and Template