"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin
Change up monotonous reading with a little novelty by having students read "in the voice of...."
These are just a few. The possibilities are endless.

Glow and Grow A strategy for students to assess and reflect on their work.

Closure/Reflection - Often times the most important part of a lesson is skipped due to a shortage of time. Closure allows students to summarize new learning and make connections to their own schema. We must make time for closure (aka - reflection). Below are 3 quick questions that you can include in your lesson to provide closure for your students.

The sites below link to short video clips that demonstrate the strategy named in the titles.

Carousel of Learning

My Favorite No

Persistence in Problem Solving (Choose 3 Ways)

Snapshot of Think-Pair-Share

Clock Partners

Scoot (A great game idea to make "review" for any subject area more engaging.)

Task Cards http://www.tips-for-teachers.com/free_classroom_printables.htm

Write Chat - Poetry Pass - 10 Word Activity

First Turn Last Turn

Jigsaw (A group activity for reading)

(A different take from the original instructions.)

8 Engaging Qualities