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Not only are there content standards for each grade level, but also standards for mathematical practices that reach across grades K-12. These standards are just as IMPORTANT as the content standards. The standards for mathematical practices, however, outline how students go about doing the math. They are skills, based on the NCTM process standards, which students should utilize on a daily basis, regardless of the content being taught. In other words, they should be embedded into daily math instruction, rather than taught in isolation. Too often, however, teachers focus their attention and energy on the content standards and neglect the mathematical practices, resulting in students with only a surface level understanding of the math they are doing. (Donna Boucher 2013)

Standards for Mathematical Practices (in a nutshell)
Make Sense Of Problems And Persevere In Solving Them—understand the meaning of the problem, determine entry point, analyze information, plan a solution pathway, apply problem solving strategies, check for reasonableness
Reason Abstractly And Quantitatively—make sense of quantities and their relationships in problem situations, use different properties of operation and objects with flexibility, create a coherent representation of the problem at hand
Construct Viable Arguments And Critique The Reasoning Of Others—justify conclusions, communicate them to others, and respond to the arguments of others
Model With Mathematics—apply known mathematics to solve problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace
Use Appropriate Tools Strategically—consider the available tools when solving a mathematical problem
Attend To Precision—communicate precisely to others using clear definitions, meaning of symbols, and computational accuracy
Look For And Make Use Of Structure—discern a pattern or structure
Look For And Express Regularity In Repeated Reasoning—look for general methods and shortcuts, maintain oversight of a process while attending to details

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