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Great book study blog on the Daily 5 and CAFE book - specific to grades 3-6.
We Read, We Blog, We Teach
We Read, We Blog, We Teach

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CAFE MiniLessons

Literacy Letters

What are Literacy Letters?

See a sample Literacy Letter below:
For more info, visit this teacher's blog

Book Theme Posters
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Reading Units

Thoughtful Logs (Reading Journals)

Character Sketches
Students illustrate characters based on descriptions within the text and create thought bubbles to
demonstrate the character's point of view and senses throughout the text. (From: A Teacher's Treasure)
character sketch.JPG

Socratic Seminar
Although the video clip of the Socratic Seminar is grade level 9-12, it is a good example and a great model
on how to move kids toward Argumentative writing. This particular clip shows the Socratic Seminar as a small
group approach with students moving in and out of the group. However, this same concept can be used in a large
group setting as well as across content areas. This concept may also be called a Socratic Circle.

Evidence & Argument: Multiple Ways of Experiencing a Text
GREAT clip on analysis of reading and connection to writing.
Although intended for grade 9, I believe the "idea" could be adapted for grades 6-8.
Definitely meets the intent and rigor of the standards

The Reading and Writing Project

Kentucky Literacy Link