ESS.pngEarth & Space Science (ESS) Resources:
1-ESS1-1, 1-ESS1-2 Tracking the movement of the sun
see p 9 of Science Connection January 2014 edition

6th Grade
6-ESS2-4 Water Cycle see Project Wet activity - The Incredible Journey
Khan Academy - Plate Tectonics Evidence of Plate Movement
- Geologica Features of Divergent Plate Boundaries
-Geological Features of Convergent Plate Boundaries
YouTube - Stratigraphic Cross Section - Interpreting the Geology
- Law of Superposition

Rock Strata and Fossil Record Resources
Stratigraphy: Animations from IRIS
Relative Age Activity on Stratification
Tracing Evidence of Geologic Time Using Fossils
Reading the Rock Record student activity

Tectonic Processin the Ocean Resources
How Do Plate Tectonics Work - animation from IRIS
Snack Tectonics - activity to teach the different interactions of types of plate boundaries

Challenger Learning Center
Links to a variety of resources
Water Cycle - Study Jams
Wild Wild Weather
Weather - Scholastic
Climate Kids
Weather Ed